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We all must agree to the fact that “the first impression is the last impression”, but does it happen that way? In order to maintain that first impression, you have to keep up with the expectations of the people around by dressing well and giving out that professional vibes to the other employees at work. What people perceive about you may be different from your appearance in accordance with your dressing sense. This article talks about the steps to look professional and continue to do so at your respective workplaces.

Let us look at the instructions that will help you look and feel professional at your office.

Buy quality suit: We always tend to go for either very expensive clothes or extremely cheap ones; rather than doing that, you must make sure that where you 3 suits in that total amount, go for one pair that looks classy and is richer in quality than those three. Fabric is the top most priority, even more than the cut of the collar or any other feature. You can consider wearing a nice suit or buy formals that will make you look mature and classy with the complementary feature of professionalism. It is common for a man to wear the same suit for several years, so pay for a quality fabric.

Buy a navy suit first: Navy is the color of success in terms of psychology of men and women. Accordingly, the second suit purchased should be gray and the third should be black. After those three suits are purchased, then fill out your wardrobe with colors of your choice.

Let solids be the priority: Checks and stripes are surely alluring but, to start always go for solids. Solid colored shirts let people focus on your knowledge and ability rather than your looks and stripes of the shirts. It is again better for you to go for white or blue to keep it subtle and sophisticated. Bright colors and loud designs will bring attention to your clothing instead of your projects.

Subtle ties: Let the print and patterned ties be for the boss for now, who has established his aura. You must wear the solid, subtle ties for yourself to keep it down to earth and sophisticated.

Choose socks accordingly: Do not wear a pair of socks that does not complement your attire. They should be at least calf length so that only the socks are seen when sitting and not your skin.

Choose men’s underwear carefully: Though the pair of men’s underwear is not widely visible; but there are chances that it pays a visit to the people around you. Moreover, a good pair of men’s thong underwear or men’s bikinis or any other style for that matter should make you feel confident and comfortable even in a suit. This being the most basic clothing article, plays an important role in your daily comfort.

Shoes should be spick and span: Shoes are an indirect source of the person’s personality and are very important part of dressing professionally. Go for lace-up style and DO NOT forget to polish them regularly. Choose a good quality leather shoe for comfort and years of wear.

Belts should match: Buy your belts at the same time that you purchase your shoes. Belts should be leather and should match the color of the shoes. Belt buckles should be conservative.

Apart from these super easy tips, make sure you groom yourself properly by getting a nice hair cut, properly cut nails, as well as a good perfume that is neither to strong nor too light and more. These tips/instructions if followed will give you a great kick start to your career that will last as long as you abide by them.

Source by Michael Falcon A

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