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First ask yourself, when was the first time you applied perfume. Were you sitting at your mother’s or grandmother’s vanity pretending to be a big girl? There is no doubt that perfumes often times can be a women’s best friend. It can change the way she feels about herself and the way people distinguish her. Perfume can be an effective method to gain attention or form a good impression. Applying a dab of perfume on the neck or wrist can evoke physical, emotional and psychological effects. Most women believe that perfume has mysterious and magical powers.

Another reason that women wear perfume is to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Perfumes and colognes have been used for decades to make women feel sensual and attractive to the opposite sex. While some women wear perfume to feel good about them, others like to gain the compliments from their loved ones.

Many women select a fragrance that suits their personality and taste. Perfumes can be made from a combination of synthetic and natural essential oils. Many perfumes contain distinguished aromas of sandal wood, white cedar, passion flower, and exotic fruits. While others may consist of rose, forest flowers, and almond sand fragrances. Researchers who study human interaction have discovered some surprising information regarding particular scents. Some scents can trigger our appetites and memories for certain foods, a trip to the ocean, or even a hike through a forest or the woods.

Some women believe that perfume is a mirror reflection of their moods. Many women have separate fragrances for various occasions. One might be for work, another for casual wear, and one specifically designated for romantic nights with her husband or for a date. Others separate their perfumes for public wear and private wear. Some women believe that they should wear a fragrance that is pleasing to others regardless if she likes it.

Keep in mind that not all perfumes are alike and have been identified as:

  • Perfume – the strongest fragrance and has the longest lasting aroma
  • Eau de Parfume – used to layer in preparation of the body for perfume
  • Eau de Toillett – is much less concentrated than the others and actually smells better than the name would indicate
  • Cologne – is the lightest fragrance and only lasts for a brief time

My method of choosing a perfume is to experience it first. I’ll put a fragrance and let it dry so I can experience the migration of the top notes to the base notes. This lets me decide if I love the scent and if I would wear it, is it my style, would it be pleasing to the people around me or annoy them, and does it evoke the emotion I want to emit.

Source by Patti Zimmerman

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