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Contrary to popular opinion, your engagement ring is not just about your center diamond, although this is a really important part. The first thing that you need to think of when looking to buy an engagement ring is the setting and style.

This is because the style of your ring will be the first thing that she sees as she opens the box. It is also the first thing that anyone else sees when they look at your precious ring – it is all very well having a center diamond that is amazing, but if it is set in a style of ring that she doesn’t like then the effect will be disappointing for both of you.

You also need to make sure that the ring suits your fiancé and her finger. Just as different styles of clothing suit different figures, there are many rings that look stunning in the box, but whose effect is less than flattering when on, so keep this in mind when you buy an engagement ring.

There are three main features that you need to look at when you choose your ring. They all interact and are as important as one another to create the perfect ring setting for your diamond;

Band width

This is by far the most common mistake that people make when they buy an engagement ring. They get a band that is either too thick or too thin.

Women with slender fingers suit a band that is delicate. Choose a band that is too wide or chunky and their finger will begin to look shorter and wider as it gets lost under the ring. Remember that they also have to be able to handle the wedding band as well.

Conversely, a thicker band on women whose fingers are a bit wider can actually make their fingers look longer and thinner.

The best way to be absolutely sure is to see the ring on your fiancés finger but of course unless you are choosing your ring together this is not possible, so the next best thing is to get your fiancés ring size or a close measurement, go to the jeweler and see what is available. Some guys even find women who have similar sized fingers – a friend or in some case’s their mother, so that they can see how a certain style looks before they buy it!

Number of Diamonds

The number of diamonds and other gemstones on your ring will also determine how it looks on her finger.

All women suit a simple solitaire or side stone setting. Many can wear elaborate three stone and designer settings, but be warned, there are few who can really pull off a highly structured design – like a large butterfly, dolphin or flower. Although stunning, these are designed to be shown off on special occasions and tend to overshadow even the most flamboyant of personalities.

Again, when you buy an engagement ring imagine how the size of the diamond setting that you choose will affect the look of both your ring and your fiancés finger.


The price of the ring setting varies greatly; the more elaborate the setting, the greater the price so be aware of this when choosing your ring.

As an example, at the time of writing a simple solitaire setting available online varied between $350 and $3000, you could spend up to $4000 on a pave’ setting and up to $8600 on a designer setting.

These prices are just for the setting, the price of your center diamond is not included so you will need to take this into account before you buy an engagement ring.

Source by Mandy Wilson

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