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There is a pair of great red high heels for every woman.  Red high heels are remarkable; they make the simplest outfit exude a wow factor and adds interest to the woman wearing them. 

Ann Hathaway’s stylist Rachel Zoe said, “A pair of red shoes is something every woman should have because it adds a splash of color to a black dress, a mini dress, a pair of jeans.” 

How to Get the Best Color Red for You

You may be thinking, “Red does not look good on me.”

There is a great red no matter what the skin tone.  Clear, fire truck red goes well with any skin type.  For those who wear warm colors choose reds which lean toward the oranges and browns.  For women who wear cool colors, choose reds which have blue tones.

Ensemble Ideas

Another thing you could be thinking is, “I have nothing to wear with red high heels.”

You may not believe it but more colors look great with red than the age old neutral beige.  Red goes well with purple, black, white, yellow, green, turquoise, black, brown, deep salmon, light pink, blue, white, navy (just to name a few). 

Use any one of the above colors for your outfit; add a skinny red belt, red lacquered nails, red earrings, and red high heels.  You will look pulled together, chic, and bold. 

The purse does not need to match your shoes.  It can, but there are no rules regarding this anymore.  So, you could do a pocketbook in a matching color of your clothing or something completely different-something with a pattern.  A plaid would go especially well with an ensemble like this.

Winter white clothing and red high heels are a beautifully elegant combination.

Variety of Styles for Red High Heels

Just as there is a red high heel for every woman, you can find it in a great woman’s shoe style, too.  For instance, red platform shoes with white polka dots and peep toes in canvas are adorable.  Excellent for a casual sporty look and a tasteful career wear choice.

Patent platform peep toe red slingback shoes is fun and also is a great women’s shoe for casual, career wear, and after five events.  The high gloss patent makes this high heel a bit dressier than the canvas shoe.  Canvas and patent work well year round.

A twist on the classic pump is a patent red pump with cut outs on both sides and the vamp going to a pointy point.  The cut outs on the sides of the red pump show the sexy arch of your foot and the vamp is low enough to show toe cleavage-which is very hot for some.  The red pump goes well with anything-from jeans to mini-dresses.

How about a multi-colored, striped low heeled satin pump?  This shoe is a must-have in dressing for success. The striped satin pumps compliment business suits, and dress blouses with slacks or a skirt-of any length.  The color combinations for the garments are endless with this shoe.

Satin shoes are also great evening shoes and a wonderful bridal shoe.  A surprisingly popular shoe for brides is a red and white satin sandal with white polka dots.  Some brides are choosing a mid-length dress to show off their shoes.  Not only are red satin polka dot shoes a great choice for brides, they are comfortable as satin shoes are light-weight and flexible. 

Red satin sandals are great for travelers because they will take you all the way from the boardroom to the bedroom.

There is a Red High Heel for Every Woman

As you can see there is a great red for every woman, and a red shoe style suitable for all occasions.  Once you wear red high heels you will wonder how you ever got along without them.

Source by Dawn M Bonner

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