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There are few things more impressive than a man in a tailor made suit. The right suit can transform even the grungiest of fellows into a dapper piece of work. However, beware. While a fine custom suit can make every lady in the room swoon in lust, an unfitted ensemble is simply unsightly. Far too many men make the mistake of trying to cut corners with an off-the-rack suit and end up going too baggy or too tight, resulting in something less than impressive.

Bottomline? Invest in a tailor made suit. Doing so makes all the difference when it comes to first impressions at work or at socials. The subtle fine-tuning of the fabric made to fit every nuance of your shape and style speaks volumes when meeting someone for the first time. A suit that fits like a glove exudes professionalism and a certain kind of genteel swag. It’s like modern day armor for the contemporary man. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when considering the benefits of a custom suit.

First, the ability to pick your own fabric helps you avoid the cheap, flimsy material that many name brands try to sell. When consulting with your tailor over the details of your custom suit, you have complete control of fabric quality. Which means you get to decide on fabric, pattern and thread count. When it comes to fabric, wool and cotton suits are the most versatile and wrinkle resistant, while flannel and linen are viewed as more fashion forward but are trickier to maintain. It’s also worth it be aware of thread count. A suit’s thread count not only plays a major part in determining price (the higher the thread count, the higher the bill), but also indicates a fabric’s level of comfort and quality. If you’re in the market for a suit that’s practical, go with a wool suit with a count in the low 100s for both durability and comfort.

Second, the fact that a tailored suit is made to fit your unique shape is invaluable. A suit should move with you and accentuate your body’s best aspects. No tight corners or baggy fits here – every detail of your outline is taken into account when it comes to custom-made suits, ensuring that everything it made to fit from height to width. Tailoring also allows you to pick the exact style and look you’re going for. Whether you prefer trendy shorter hems and sharp lines, or a more traditional look, a customized suit lets you feature your own exclusive preferences. If you’re on the shorter side for example, you can request a double-vent jacket to create a silhouette that lengthens your frame. While tall, skinny men should opt for a single to no vent that features a more subdued, fuller look.

So move over Casanova, a custom suit is the perfect way to strut that modern day swag.

Source by Chris M Vance

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