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There is a myriad melange of different types of fabrics available in the market. Fabric selection is a punctilious task. It should be scrupulously chosen because they are the prime factor in deciding the cost, durability, wear ability and look of the salwar kameez. Fabrics are season dependent. Different cloth materials are suitable to different weather conditions. We brief you about some of the cloth materials here:

Cotton – It is the most widely worn fabric and since it is lightweight, it is ideal for summers. Beat the heat with a cotton salwar. It is soothing to your skin and will keep you cool when the temperature is soaring. Cotton suits are adorned generally with thread work because they are usually worn for casual purposes. Traditional Lucknow embroidery i.e. Lucknawi kurtas are quite popular in cotton fabric. White thread is used over light colors like pink, yellow, etc. but one can even find work by colorful threads.

Crepe – It is a wrinkle free fabric. Inamorata’s first choice, this sensuous fabric has a rich look. Its most common form is the Mysore crepe. It is preferred by young girls with curvaceous or petite figures as it clings to the body. It is a kind or slippery fabric like satin and hence, machine embroidery is dominant over hand embroidery. Crepe salwar kameez’s beauty is ameliorated and enriched with patchwork.

Georgette – It is ideal for a patiala kameez and salwar. This fabric can be draped both as party wear and for daily purpose. Georgette is a fabric that is embroidery friendly. Any kind of adornment can be easily done over Georgette salwar kameez and the work even looks prominent. Traditional chanderi work looks dazzling over Georgette suits. Sequins, stones, rhinestones and Swarovski are used to create heavy special occasion suits. For day-to-day wear, printed patterns prevail.

Silk – Pure silk is costly. In fact, purity of the silk is directly proportional to its cost. Silk salwar kameez are usually worn on formal occasions. It is the choice of the elite. Since, the fabric is so luxurious, there is little or no embroidery. It is a luscious fabric that exudes unparalleled sensuousness. It has been in vogue since its invention and will continue to be the first preference of hedonistic women for ages to come. It is more liked by connoisseur of fashion who knows that sizzling salwar kameez doesn’t just mean heavy gaudy embroidery. A balanced amalgamation of sumptuous fabric with an exclusive design can look exotic.

Wool – Winters are the times when you can’t really experiment with clothes. To feel cozy, women tend to opt for western wear. Not every woman likes to wear cardigans or shawls. Woolen salwar kameez solves this adversity. It makes you feel as snug as a bug in a rug. Choose from cots wool, pure wool or pashmina salwar kameez range. Kashmiri embroidery is very popular on woolen suits. You wouldn’t have to wear thermals and cardigans over these suits. They will keep you warm.

So select the salwar kameez fabric carefully because it can make or break the grandeur of the suit.

Source by Ochani Kapil

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