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Is what you wear important for work? You might end up in a long debate if you sit down and discuss the subject for any length of time. Dress for work is a tricky thing, although fashion is quite a thing now a days and dress code can be certainly a helping hand.

Why Implement Dress Codes?

Maintaining a standard for what to wear in the office is very important. Younger people often dress shabbily without bothering what others have to say. Making dress code compulsory can maintain theirs and the company’s image in public.

If there’s no dress code in the office, people will tend to wear whatever they want whenever they want. Imagine someone coming into the office in a singlet, shorts and slippers.

If they could they would.

But deciding what people should wear has to be reasonable and not go overboard.

Employees and Dress Code

Signing in neat for work is very important, they may choose between casual or formal business attire but this varies from place to place.

Some things that are forbidden are:

– Clothing with abusive or foul language

– Tank tops, t-shirt or halter tops

– Torn jeans and tops

– Hats, caps

– Sweat pants or sweat suits

What employers should keep in mind when choosing a dress code

What they choose has to be reasonable for long hours at work. Employers must make sure that:

– It is work related

– Does not favor one sex or the other

– Not favor one race less than another

Dress code is very important for both employees and employers alike and due thought must be put into it before one heads for a day at the office.

Source by William Lee Wei Liang

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