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Fashion Week in New York, Milan and Paris brought us so many fresh dress designs and styles, we can hardly take it all in. We can’t help but be mesmerized by the scrumptious textures, sheen, sparkles and sequins, not to mention the breathtaking colors. This year we noticed a whole palette of tertiary color mixtures we had never seen before; it was as if the designers were working with tubes of oil paints rather than the trusty Crayola 64 box. Some with names like Posuolli Earth and Pthalo Blue. Huh? But we loved them anyway, even if we can’ t pronounce them!

Now that all the runway reports are in, thanks to our own Redcat, we can’t wait to see what is in store for us when we head off to shop for our prom dress for the 2012 season. From the looks of it, my guess is we’re going to be heading back to a more sophisticated look, dresses that take us back to the glamorous days of early Hollywood, where the men wore suits and the women wore gowns even during the day! That was glamour!

Nowadays, prom girls are lucky. No longer do they have to wait out for entire seasons to lapse before they start to see the up-to-the-minute trends for formal wear ranging from cocktail dresses to wedding gowns and everything in between, especially prom dresses!

Here are some of the trends we look forward to trying out come prom season 2012.

The Peplum

Sometimes attributed to Victoria Beckham, the peplum is a flared ruffle attached to the waist of a jacket, bodice, etc. It was widely used in lace Victorian blouses with the waistline cinched tightly, which allowed the blouse to stay tucked inside the skirt. It was also a highly prized fashion trend for women in the 1940’s who sought to femininize the traditional suit by cinching in the waistline of the suit jacket and wearing seamed hose and high heels.

The peplum style is a great prom dress style for girls who want to disguise a large tummy area or who just want to accentuate their hips and make their waistline look smaller at the same time.

The Ballgown

The ballgown is back with a flourish. This will be a hot item once again in the wedding industry after years of svelte but casual columns of past years. And that makes our day, since we never really felt quite grown up enough (or warm enough) in the short poufy baby doll dresses of last year. Prom 2012 will surely see a variety of ballgown styles once again; it would be a shame if prom girls did not take advantage of this opportunity to go fully formal without the stress of planning a wedding!

If you are any kind of romantic, you will so enjoy wearing all the luscious layers of silk, satin and taffeta fabric, which are recommended. Chiffon or chemise, just won’t do if you are trying to attain the ultimate in fullness.

The High Low Trend

We have reason to believe that the high-low trend will persist into the coming prom dress season, if for no other reason than to showcase the incoming ballgowns, as mentioned above. In the best of times a ballgown can be a tricky prom dress to wear, especially if you are wearing high heels for the first time!

A prom dress with a high hem in the front and a low hemline in the back gives today’s prom girl the best of both worlds: its stylish and functional! I mean, who want to attend prom in a prom dress that you can’t dance in?

This prom dress trend will work great if you want to go super formal and show off your gorgeous legs at the same time!


Not your mom’s kitchen curtains, by far. Betsey Johnson has already brought us the cutesy bouquets from all your favorite crazy quilts, but this year she and many other designers upping the ante with watercolor splashes of neon tones that say bold and confident, just like us!

We can also expect to see the flower motif, in the embellishments, like in the draping, lace embroidery, or digi-prints,


Sparkles and glitter will rule the dance floor this year!

Fairy lights, oh how we love em. And this year we will have more choices than ever, don’t be surprised when you find them on collars, belts, shoulders trim, at hemlines, in the form of sequins.

For anyone who wants to shimmer all night long, a fully sequined dress is the way to go. Keep in mind, though that any dress that is shiny will show your every curve, so this is a perfect choice for slender girls who want to add a little va-voom to the party.


I have an inkling that deciding on which prom dress to buy will be even more of a challenge this prom season, due to the abundance of wonderfully chic textures create by printing patterns onto the fabric. I’ve already seen prom dresses that are as artistic as any modern painting or as complicated as any lithograph.

Patterns that evoke imagery like “crystalline snow” and “mercurial atmosphere”, will surely be popular with creative and insightful prom girls who want a look that say’s “I’m one of a kind”!

Prom Dresses for 2012

Come spring, no doubt ready to wear designers will try to convince you to buy their next hot item, trust me on this, but we want to give you the heads up before prom dress season comes crushing down on you, so you have time to sort out beforehand which styles you think you should be wearing, given that you actually want to look fabulous on prom night. Something the designers don’t really have the time (or the inclination) to deal with.

Well, we think that is wrong. That’s why we want to present a few of the most prominent trends that you’ll most likely see and unravel the whole concept of what’s hot and what’s not! In the end, all we want is for you to know what looks hot on you! I mean, wouldn’t you rather look hot than not?

These days, with the universal use of newsfeeds, blogs and streaming videos, the savvy shopper learns of trends in an instant and doesn’t want to wait until it reaches her price range. And retailers are quick to respond to the demand, by the time the runway collections are rolling out, the inspired-by ready to wear versions are also available, sometimes the same day!

So the fortunate prom girl can now purchase a runway style prom dress while it is still at the top of its game, not some months later as it was just a few short years ago when I was buying my first prom dress!

Source by GG Flower

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