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The single most important thing that you can do for yourself before your police oral board interview is to invest in a professional looking outfit. I know that sound pretty elementary for some people, but trust me I’ve seen people screw this up big time. I’m going to be straight forward in this article as there should not be any excuse to why you shouldn’t look your best during the interview.

For men, I suggest a solid dark color business suit in either navy blue or black. Black shoes will work for each of these suits. You cannot go wrong with a white shirt and a solid red tie. Forget about showing up wearing a flashy suit. Polo shirts and slacks just won’t cut it…and you can forget about gym shoes and jeans. Wearing any of these to a police oral board interview will make you stand out without a doubt…but trust me not in a good way!

Also, remember to shave and get a conservative hair cut like a military type crew cut. You’re going to want to look the part but safe as well.

For women, the police oral board expects you to be professional as well. Forget about flowery dresses. You will be expected to wear a professional business suit with either pants or a skirt. Nylons are a must and be sure to not to go overboard on the perfume and makeup. Forget about wearing a super tight mini-skirt, that’s just inappropriate. If its way above the knees, don’t wear it.

Guys if you cannot afford a suit, I suggest that you borrow one from a friend or even rent one. Whatever you do, don’t show up without wearing a suit.

Source by EL Forestal

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