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If You Are Apple-Shaped with Large Chest

“Finding a flattering swimwear is a difficult task for me because my bust is very large compare to my hips” says, Claudia Gable, 35, a shop manager. Claudia’s best look is on mix-and-match sized bathing suit separates; what she needs is an ample coverage up top for a large chest and a bra cup design; or styles with under wire or soft molded cups and large straps which will support and lift the bust. “I look for swimsuits that give safety so I can go into water without fear about an outfit breakdown or stuff would spill out,” she says. Two-piece swimsuits with long tops are excellent at concealing muffin tops and big tummies. Dark, solid colours create a lean appearance.

If You Are Pear-Shaped

“I used to wear unflattering bathers, as in those days there were not many designers for plus size swimwear in the market, but now I can have more choices especially online, thanks to the internet revolution!” says Barbara Smith, a college administrator. When your bottom is fuller than your top, you would understand how hard to find a swimsuit because if it fits below, it would sag above. If you prefer two-piece swimwear, keep it dark on the bottom and a bright top or two-toned coloured suit. When choosing a one-piece, look for ruffle styled tops and full bottom coverage. Bright patterned prints on the top combine with dark solid colour on the lower part of an A-shaped swim dress would be ideal for a pear-shaped plus size woman.

If You Are Hour-Glass Shaped

“Show me a swimsuit which makes me look flattering” says Dakota Brown, an online entrepreneur and a plus size 18. With the god-blessed shape of big chest, rounded hips and narrow waist, she can wear any styles from one piece to two-piece high-waisted bikinis; but generally, she should look for a swimwear that complements the curves while keeping her assets firmly in place; under wires, molded cups, large halter straps, which offer more support for large breasts and keep bandeau from slipping down. The high-waisted bikini pants have come back in trend from 1960s and they are excellent for concealing hip bulges.

If You Are Rectangular-Shaped

“What swimsuit style makes me look more feminine?” Asks Christine Alba, a mother of two and a size 16; Christine’s shoulders, waist and hips are all about the same width. She should go for swimwear tops that add curves to her top half and create a smaller waist illusion. A Wide V or U neck, boat neck, ruffles swim tops all work well to make her top look wider whilst trick the eye into seeing a smaller waist. For the bottom half, A-shaped swim skirts would do the trick in creating an hour-glass shape. Swim dresses which create curve illusion would work best on the rectangular figure such as a princess seam or an empire waist swim dress.

If You Have Large Tummy

“When I try on a swimsuit, the first thing I want to see is if my stomach looks flatter” says Lynn Barker, a business manager. She prefers to shop online for bathing suits so she can try them on in her private bedroom. Colour blocking (two or more solid colours on one swimsuit) with the dark part strategically designed over her stomach will bring the eye to the lighter areas and carve a trimmer shape; all over prints also make the tummy look flatter because they distract the eye.

If you are a plus size woman and have one of the above body shapes, this guide provides some tips and tricks that will help you find a flattering swimsuit which will help you gain confidence and feel awesome about your body over the summer.

Source by Cindy Wydan

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