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Forget about days when trousers meant for men alone. Today, women look as attractive and elegant in trousers as any of her male counterparts. In the 19th century, pants had their place in the workplace alone. Over the years, it changed into a fashion-clothing for women all across the globe. Today, there’s a range of cuts and designs available for women corduroys. From formal trousers for your workplace to casual flattering styles, there’s one for every woman’s personal taste. However, the key to elegant look lies in choosing the right pair of corduroys – one that suits your personality and body type; you can’t grab anything from the rack and wear it. In order to pick the best-suited trousers for your job, you must keep a few vital things in mind. Here are a few important tips for women to follow when choosing a trouser.

Consider the body type

When buying the right pair of trousers for your work, consider the style of the outfit. Even though there’s a range of styles available these days, not all of them suit all body types; moreover, not all styles are proper for official purposes. The straight leg variety is versatile enough to suit any body type; conversely, skinny styles flatter specific figures only. Whether you’re fat, skinny or pear-shaped, you’ll always find that one style which suits your body type and looks stylish enough.

Select the perfect material

The way you look in pants greatly depends upon the material you choose for your trousers. Besides, the nature of your job also decides the kind of fabric that you’ll need in your pair of work corduroys. Polyester or cotton pants give you a professional as well as stylish look. If you job involves a lot of physical activity, consider staying away from these fabrics since they rip easily. Besides, these fabrics take on dirt easily and the clean-up process is pretty tricky. On the other hand, synthetic materials are very comfortable and don’t need much washing or ironing.

Choose the perfect color

Believe it or not, colors make or mar the overall look of your dress. Some agencies or organizations have a specific dress code that decides what you can or cannot wear in terms of colors and fabrics. Besides, some colors go well with some body types than others. If you prefer a thoroughly professional look, consider sticking to dark colors like navy-blue and black. For a more casual look, you may go for peach, golden and tangerine. For official purposes, avoid bright shades or intricate designs. Just keep it minimal and simple.

Source by Piu Majumdar

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