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The resurgence of vintage-styled clothes, dances and songs has renewed the interest of brides-to-be on this wedding theme. What would it take to have your very own vintage wedding? Here are a few ideas.

Wedding gowns

You do not need to spend much to have a vintage wedding gown. If you are resourceful enough, you can ask your mother or even your old aunt to let you rummage in her old clothes chest, who knows what dresses you will find in that box? You can also look for vintage gowns in second hand shops or garage sales. A lot of women who got married in that era still have their wedding gowns and you can either buy it or rent it from them at a lower price. Look for heavy satins and you will not go wrong.

Suits for the groom

For the theme to be complete then both bride and groom should wear vintage. But while vintage wedding dresses are easy to find, a suit for the groom can be a little problematic. There are however shops that specialize in sewing men’s suits in this style.


Your theme would not be complete without matching vintage music so go ahead and ask your grandparents or your parents about the music they played during their younger years. Looking for very old church pieces can be a problem if no one can sing them during your wedding. If this is not possible then settle for the traditional church hymns but make sure you have old pop songs playing during the reception. Better yet, find a good band that can recreate a stylish play list for you.

Period clothing for the guests

Your entire theme may be thrown if your guests arrive in very modern attire. So why not include the details in your invitation? A simple request for your guests to wear something vintage can help matters a lot.

Choosing a theme for your wedding makes your day more special and makes it stand out from all the other events that you and your guests may have attended. The only thing needed to make the whole thing successful is proper planning and adequate communication.

Source by Amanda Jane

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