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You can decorate glass display cabinet in your home showcasing various collectibles and accomplishments that make the room more inspiring. There are different types of display cases with different designs and materials, choose the one that suits your home. Here are the tips that would make your living room livelier.

Exterior: Make sure that the design and the color of the display case compliments the existing furniture around. You do not want to have a cabinet that looks odd in the midst of your living or bed room.

Interior: When it comes to decoration, the interior of the display case is the one that you must take care of. Along with the design, the placement of the mirrors and suitable lightning enriches the look of the display cabinet. Halogen lights would be the best pick.

Trophies: Trophies always remind your achievements and always a source of inspiration. It also gives a decent look to your display cabinet. Arrange other memorabilia along with the trophies which gives better interest to your decoration.

Treasures: Treasure is not something that you bought recently for a million dollars. It is something that is valuable to you that money just cannot buy. It may be some antique piece came from your granny passing all the ancestors in between or it can be something that was a part of your life since childhood or something special given by someone special. Rolling your eyes over it gives you a lot of peace of mind.

Dolls and Collectible figurines: You can give a really cute and decorative look by adding all the dolls that you have collected over the years or the dolls that you think fit the display cabinet very well. You can also include teacups, saucers, expensive cutlery and collectible plates and so on to make the cabinet look beautiful.

Glass Items: It really pleases the eyes to watch combination of glasses that give some illusion effects. Place some glass item like glass antiques, glass dolls or abstract glass objects in the glass display case. It will be more beautiful if you use colored glass items.

Items from all over the world: If possible collect different items from different parts of the world which can be showcased in the display cabinet. It will be like capturing all the different cultures and lifestyles in one place.

Placement: Finally, do not overcrowd the display cabinet with all you have got. Place each items carefully so that the combination makes a great display. Make sure that you leave some space between objects so that it will not look as if you are trying to push all in your display cabinet.

Source by Pradeep Bhat

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