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Although gray is considered a dull and morbid color, this season gray is adding a little shimmer to the modern women’s professional wardrobe. Gray is being released in different shades and tones that compliment almost any hair and skin complexion. Its soft and easy color contrast allows it to blend well with several colors and textures. A cool color that looks great in the fall and can transition easily into the winter for fashion success.

Listed below are ways in which career minded women can pair up the color gray to enhance their wardrobe for the Fall!

Suitable Attire

Gray is an amazing color for women’s suits. Light gray to deep charcoal, this color looks sensational on all skin and hair combinations. We encourage professional women to add pattern and texture to their gray suits. Look for suits that are pinstriped or glen plaid or tweed. These textures look excellent with silk and patterned bold blouses for a sophisticated appeal.

Punch of Color

Instead of pairing gray slacks or skirts with basic white or black tops, consider wearing bright colors. Blouses in bright yellow or deep blue are great pairs to gray bottoms. Select colors that are perfect for the fall and add dimension to your existing ensembles. For example instead of wearing a red top, try and select colors such as ruby, cranberry or brick red. The deeper and richer the color the more fabulous the outfit.

Shoe In

The color gray is not just limited to clothes but women are encourage to buy and wear gray accessories. Gray or silver jewelry is an excellent match for business and business casual outfits for work or evening. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pins and just a few pieces that can take an outfit from common to tres chic in a matter of seconds. Gray shoes are also becoming very popular this season. The shades of gray are so versatile that you can have many shades and color combinations to match your handbags and other accessories.

Source by Chi Chi Okezie

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