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Every woman wants to look beautiful and appealing to the people around. This is very easy to do when you have the right choice of clothing with you. Right clothing can make you win praises and people go gaga for you whereas wrong clothing can ruin the entire impression. The Indian women unlike the European ladies are not of very petite frame so they always are hesitant to choose what is right for them to wear. The Indian national dress Lehenga choli gives the Indian women the full liberty to flaunt their voluptuous curves in style and in a sophisticated way. Lehenga choli is one such attire which is not made according to a specialized set of customers; this is made keeping in view the women of every frame. So, a woman with any kind of frame can flaunt the beautiful lehenga choli.

There are several kinds of figures and frames in ladies which makes it sometimes very tough for them to decide what is good for them and what not to stumble upon. The various kinds of frames in women are:

1) Petite Frame
The petite frame is the one in which the women are very lean and slender and can very easily fit in and flaunt the dresses.

2) Apple Figured
The apple shape framed women are the ones with heavy bust-line and narrow bottoms. So, these women should never opt for heavy bust work attires as it adds more weight.

3) Pear Figured
The pear figured ladies are the ones who have heavier bottoms and narrow top. So, they must opt for dresses which hide the excess flab on the hips, thighs and buttocks.

4) Tall Ladies

5) Thin Ladies

After the discussion on the frames of ladies there are certain kinds of lehenga choli’s too like – Fish cut lehenga, normal flared lehenga, blouse choli lehenga and full blouse lehenga etc.

The women in today’s era do not have to stick to age old fashions of wearing contemporary sarees with no beautifull work or designs. The designer sarees today have overtaken the market of the age old concept of sarees and has brought a revolution. The women now are embracing the designer sarees worldwide and love the designs and patterns in them as sarees impart a lean, tall and slender look to the individual who is adorning it.

The Patiala suits have been carrying the heritage and legacy of the Punjabis since ages and would continue carrying too. These suits are carved with beautiful handwork over their salwars and kameez along with dupattas. The Patiala suits have a huge fan following since always because of their detailed beautiful work and great grace.

The salwar kameez suits or the Punjabi salwar kameez suits also have their own set of admirers who look for new and great patterns in them to flaunt. These salwar kameez suits are a fusion of Pakistani and Punjabi where as the Punjabi salwar kameez suits have their origin from the true Punjabi roots.

These Indian dresses have made a great mark and position in the global attire arena and have shown their beauty every now and then.

Source by Sajeev Kumar Rai

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