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Article writing offers a unique opportunity for students, professionals, and women, who can pursue it as a part-time job. The income it offers is attractive, and rises fast within months, or even weeks. What really sets article writing apart from other jobs is the fact that it allows you to work from your home, at your own convenience and pace.

Indian and Pakistani article writing industries are huge. Due to the high standards of this region, the writers are trusted by professionals all the world over. Orders from all over the world are being outsourced to South Asian article writing firms. As a result, anyone with good writing skills will be paid well as these firms have experienced tremendous growth.

An increasing number of women are opting for article writing over conventional 9 to 5 jobs.

This is because while the salaries are comparable, work load and working hours for article writers are far more manageable. Also, for many women, working as an article writer is more convenient than regular career jobs, thanks to the ‘perks’ that come with the package. Working hours and workload are adjustable, and working as a writer, you are at liberty to choose what time suits you, which type of work you are good at, and how much work you can manage. In brief, you are your own boss.

Jumping into this pool of budding writers and employers is easier than you might have thought. Writing does not require any formal training, and it is your natural hunch that you will have to rely upon. That way, you will develop your own unique style: one that would set you apart and bring work streaming in. If you know someone who manages an article writing firm, you can contact them directly by posting your resume, or else you can join any online market where orders and bids are being exchanged.

The latter route may not be the most straightforward, but it is better. It will allow you to experience the dynamics of the article writing industry, and to meet employers from the region and also from Europe and America. You can bid on several projects that fit your level of expertise, and then simply let the employers think about it. Once an employer accepts your offer, you can work for him/her until the project is finished and the money you earned is paid. Each project completed means you receive a referral from your employer, which will help you get additional new writing projects.

Such online marketplaces include,, and Each site has its own pros and cons for beginners writing jobs, offers a comparatively better environment. Here, the shear amount of relevant projects will improve your chances of getting the type of writing projects you prefer quickly and easily.

There is heavy competition in the article writing market so you always remain on your toes. The open nature of the market dictates a very large number of writers, so to stand out from the crowd; you will have to be both patient and innovative. Carefully examine the profiles of high achievers in the market, those that win projects and earn numerous referrals. Look for the factors that make them the preferred choice for employers. Use that knowledge and prepare your own profile to tell employers why hiring you will give them an edge over other writers. The trick is to lay the correct landmines, invite employers, and be patient.

Source by Saman Rashid

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