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Armani Collezioni is a sub label of Armani and it offers formal wear to consumers. While the other labels under the world famous fashion brand do offer formal wear, most of those are based on high end fashion and may not necessarily be wearable on a daily basis. As a result, Armani Collezioni was launched to capture the profession market segment; people who are looking for stylish formal wear but do not want high end fashionable formal wear.

With Armani, it is all about making an impression and consumers who don Armani Collezioni suits can be assured of making an impression. Whether it is business meetings or a lunch with a client, there will be an Armani Collezioni suit for the occasion. The highlight of this label and its main selling point is the fact that the suits are tailored according to the customer’s measurements and thus the consumer can rest assured that the clothes will be a good and comfortable fit.

Apart from comfort, the clothes are also extremely stylish and are sure to leave everyone staring. The apparel is priced at nearly the same price range as Emporio Armani but it is less expensive as compared to Giorgio Armani. Every element of the suit, starting from the colour and even the type of fabric, can be chosen by the consumer and hence Armani Collezioni’s offerings are much more consumer oriented as compared to other labels under Armani’s corporate umbrella.

Although well known for its tailor made suits for men, the brand also offers accessories and clothing for women and has a variety of products under those categories. The clothing line for women is not only aimed at working women but also has a number of options for casual and day to day wear. However, even the casual wear, offered by the label, is trendy and chic and may be worn to work.

A sense of style and elegance is prominent in all of Armani’s offerings and Armani Collezioni follows the same rule. The label has two freestanding boutiques in Milan and Paris but usually sells its products in high end department stores across the globe. Consumers can also purchase their products online and will be spoilt for choice. In short, Armani Collezioni is all about fashion, style and comfort and is sure to make you look good and impressive during your next business meeting or perhaps a formal event or occasion.

Source by Claire L Andrews

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