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May 30, 2019
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5 Wedding Day Style Tips For The Man Of The Hour

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With so much focus on bridal attire, it is understandable that the style decisions of the groom may feel less important or neglected altogether.

If you’re going to be standing next to a woman in an R17,000 dress, you should be dressed to the nines as well. Here are 5 style tips to make your wedding day ensemble dapper.

1. How to Stand Out

Don’t worry about matching your groomsmen for too much time. Yes, your looks should be complimentary, but you should not look like one another’s carbon copies. Your outfit should be easily and noticeably distinguishable from the rest when it comes to you and your groomsmen.

When it comes to your fiancé, both of your looks should emphasize your individual tastes. Complementary elements such as matching the colors of your accessories or jacket to her bouquet can be easily incorporated.

2. Think Beyond Black and White

The standard groom fare is a black tux with a crisp white shirt. But the fitting and color options are endless these days. Consider alternative colours, suit separates, and other directions beyond your basic black and white when choosing the foundation of your look.

However, if you choose a suit, go for the 3-piece. When you walk down the aisle, you’re going to have a suit jacket, but at the end of the day when you want to take off the jacket and dance, you’re going to look sleek and put together with your jacket.

3. Go Bespoke or Find a Tailor

Fit is key, regardless of how much you switch up your outfit’s actual components. Be sure to pay your tailor a visit if you get a suit off the racks so that he can customize the best and most flattering fit for your construction.

If you can afford to spend a little more, and if you’re planning to buy a suit that you’re going to wear well beyond your wedding day, you might also want to consider making-to-measure or even tailor-made choices.

4. Consider a Vest

If you have a garden, small or vintage wedding, you might also consider a completely different alternative to the traditional suit: jacketless wedding. This look can be accomplished in various ways.

For a rustic, vintage aesthetic, you can try a vest and rolled-up sleeves. Or go for some classic suspenders — the kind with buttons — for you and your groomsmen to look more casual, 20’s-inspired.

5. Use accessories to inject personality

Selecting fun, unique accessories beyond your neckwear is an easy way to distinguish yourself from your groomsmen to spruce up your overall ensemble. Consider as creative opportunities your socks, pocket squares, watch, and even your shoes.

If you’re going with a square pocket, make sure your neckwear contrasts — not matches. If you like eye-catching footwear, consider a pair of socks or shoelaces that either restore the theme or emphasize your personal style.

Wedding suits Pretoria Wedding Suits Johannesburg - TipTop Tailor

Make sure that the level of formality of your ensemble is in line with the vibe of the wedding, as well as the venue.

Our garments are beautiful inside and out with attention to every detail. Customize it with your favourite fabric, lining colour and trim details once you’ve found the style you love.

Get in touch with us or request a call back for a more stylish wedding suit for your big day. Drop us an email at or Request a call back

in a stylish Wedding Suits

in a stylish Wedding Suits

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